How can we measure your progress?

Patient Objectives

Get Rid of My:
Pain, headaches, stress, crooked spine, sleeping problems, numbness, tingling, stiffness, allergies…

Improve My:
Golf game, flexibility, digestion, skin problem, balance, coordination, energy levels...

I Want to Be:
ONE with the Universe, calmer, a better skier, able to lift my kids without pain, healthier, stronger, CURED of my disease, able to stand longer without pain, without arthritis...

Our Objectives

Improve your spine so you can accomplish YOUR goals!

We have simple, concise tests to measure improvement.

How can we measure your Results?

Posture, Video X-ray, balance, pain, mobility, Nerve Scan.

Most patients achieve initial results within the first few visits and continue to improve over the following weeks.

Happy Spines

A look at some of the work that Dr. Feier has done on real patients