Ready for your First Visit?

Stress and Spine Evaluation

Your initial visit includes a stress survey and a computerized bio-structural exam including digital posture, laser-aligned x-rays, and foundation balance scan.

Posture Evaluation

Your posture is the window to your spine. A computerized, digital analysis shows us exactly where you stand.

Electronic Weight Balance

Helps establish whether you carry more weight on one side or the other, forward or back.

Electronic Foot Scan

Our foot scanner will determine if each footprint matches the other, and if your feet are pronated (arches collapsed or diminished), which will influence balance and posture.

Digital Motion X-Rays offer superb views of your spine in motion, and shows misalignments and ligament damage. We are the ONLY center in the entire city that has this state of the art, extremely low dosage, video x-ray machine. As Dr. Russ Erhart used to teach us, “To see is to know. NOT to see is to guess.”